NZ Stock Availability

Stock Availability

To allow easy access to the most current information provided by our Suppliers, CLA NZ will include access to Daily Stock Availability on our Website.

The following information will be updated each morning:

  • Stock Availability at the end of the previous day’s trading (subject to change through the day due to receipt of orders)
  • current ETA (which is subject to change until Status is Confirmed by the Supplier)

We hope this information will help you and your customers make informed decisions.

If you require further assistance, please contact our sales team on 0942 76133 or

Download Stock Availability (incl. ETA) Excel Report 


CLA Lighting Price List Glossary

Page No This is the page number of CLA most recent Catalogue
ETA Current Estimated Time of Arrival for stock (which is subject to change)
Stk Available In stock Quantity. Stock available at the time of report creation distributed across all of our warehouses
Sold in multiples Minimum order quantity and multiple in which part must be purchased
YOUR Buy price Single buy price, excluding GST (multiply Sold in multiples of for box/jar price)


New Prod / Price Change
CLEAR Product priced to CLEAR (will be OBSOLETE once sold out)
NP0917 New Product introduced followed by numeric representation of year & month
Status (of Part)
OBSOLETE Sold out, no longer in CLA’s range and no direct replacement or alternative available at this time.
PENDING Nil or Limited stock available, decision pending regarding the future of this part.
REPLACED Discontinued by manufacturer, to be replaced with an alternative (which will be similar).  Replacement will need to be authorized by you.  CLA Customer Service will contact you on receipt of your purchase order.
REPLACES New Product alternative to a discontinued product.
SUPERSEDED Current Part which will be superseded by a new part (refer SUPERSEDES). The superseding item is a direct replacement not an alternative replacement.
SUPERSEDES Upgrade or change made by manufacturer due to technological improvements.  No change to appearance of product). The superseding item is a direct replacement not an alternative replacement. Superseding part number will only be available once original part is run out.  (Nominated by an alpha suffix i.e. A or B etc).
TO BE ORD Nil or limited stock, part to be re-ordered in the future.
TO BE REPLACED New part to be introduced to range shortly.
XXXTBD To be discontinued when stock sells out.
Refer Part Replacement Part OR Replaced Part.