Smart Start Charger-SJS01G2

Part No: SJS01G2

12V 400AMP Jump start most vehicles up to 4000cc petrol only. Not Recommended for V-TWIN Motocycles over 1000cc

  • Power Pack Size: 134mm X 77.5mm X 32.6mm Weight: 275g
  • Jump Start Output: 12V DC, 600Amp Peak / 200Amp Start
  • Jumper Leads: JUMP START SAFE Technology & AWG cable with MOSFET, Reverse Current: >2Amp Max. 18V DC Max. Voltage difference Recognition, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Overheat Temp Sensor, Power Pack Low Voltage, Anti Surge
  • Safety Protection: Over discharge, overcharge, Resettable overload, Digital charging voltage and current recognition, Enclosed Jump Port Terminals
  • Battery Chargers: SAA approved 240V AC/ 15V DC 1Amp wall charge, 12V/15V DC 800mA Car Charger
  • Charge Cycles: 2,000
  • Ambient Temp: -20 to 60°C
  • Self Discharge: 10% to 15% over 12 months from full charge. (With power switch in ‘OFF’ position)
  • Device Charging: USB port 5V DC 2.1A with 4 in 1 USB cable IS8 compliant, Multi voltage Port 12V, 16V, 19V DC cable + 8 adaptors
  • LED Flashlight: 3 modes: (1) Full (2) S.O.S. (3) Emergency Flash
  • Packaging: Zip carry bag, 10pcs per outer carton